Monday, November 10, 2014

Snippet from WIP

Here's another little unedited snippet from my WIP (Teardrops Know My Name):

He poured wine into the glasses and handed one to her.  She took the glass and brought it to her lips swallowing in one big gulp then lowered it to the glass top coffee table.  

                “I’m worried about you.” He smoothed back a tendril of hair tucking it behind her ear. “How long has this been going on with the calls like the one you received today?”

                When did the calls start? She mused.  “I’m not really sure—about a few months ago.  I think that’s when I got the first call.  I didn’t pay it too much attention because I thought that it was a prank call.” She leaned back into the chair.

                “Do you have any idea who this person could be?  I mean—could it be someone that you work with or something?”

                “I don’t know.  Being a photographer I meet so many different people while on assignment.  I just wish that I knew who would want to follow me and make these crazy phone calls.”

                “You’re going to have to report this to the police because—not that I’m trying to scare you but I don’t think that it’s going to stop.  It seems as though you’ve been putting up with these anonymous calls and dismissing them as if they were insignificant—this is serious.” He frowned.

                “I don’t have enough evidence to let the police in on this yet.” She looked away from his gaze. She certainly can do without being dragged through the coals by the police. They seem to turn these things around to make the victim look like she asked for it to happen to her.   

                He took her hand and sandwiched it in between his, “Babe, you don’t need any evidence to tell the police, the fact that someone has been following you and calling you should be enough.”  

                “I don’t really think that it would be enough.  What if they ask me questions about what does he look like or something distinctive about him?  I wouldn’t have an answer.  Even the number he uses to call is scrambled.  I don’t want to be made to look like some sort of ravening lunatic.  You know how the police have a way of turning things like this around trying to make a person—especially a woman look like she doesn’t—”

                He interjected, “I would think that you would want the police to know—why wouldn’t you want them to—is there something that you’re not telling me?”

                “No, I’m just—I don’t know what I am.” tears welled up in her eyes then came trickling down her cheeks and she broke out into an uncontrollable sob.

                “Come here baby. Shhh…it’s going to be okay.” He said quietly as he wound his arm around her and pulled her tighter against him.  She was a mass of conflicting emotions as she pressed against his chest.  The smell of his masculinity filled her nostrils and the thud of his heart racing ignited which suddenly sent a burning desire within her.   He slowly bent his head and lowered his mouth onto hers.  The feel of his warm lips touching hers made her quiver.  She wanted more of him.  She needed him.  She parted her lips greedily accepting his tongue as it sensually slid through tangling with hers deepening the kiss. 

Until next time.......