Monday, December 15, 2014

Spotlight - Author Té Russ

It is my pleasure to feature author Té Russ this week in the blog's spotlight.  She has recently released another McAllister Family novel titled, Perfection.  Here's an excerpt:

     She dropped her head and her hair fell over her face. He placed a finger under her chin and pulled her gently towards him so she would look at him.

      I know its hard to talk about, he said tenderly, but the fact that youve opened up to me is very humbling.
     “Youre very easy to talk to, a good listener, she replied, staring into his eyes.
     He moved his hand from her chin and ran it through her soft curls, then pulled her face close to his. Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. He kissed her eyes, then her cheeks before moving his lips over hers.
      It was meant to be a chaste kiss, comforting.
     But the minute their lips connected, something inside both of them exploded.
     She let out a soft moan, opening her mouth under his, and his tongue swept into her mouth.

     She tasted sweet, intoxicating. A decadent mixture of sweet tea and a flavor that was uniquely hers.

     He felt her weave her arms around his neck and pull him closer, silently demanding more. And he gave it to her. He was useless to do anything else, but give her whatever she wanted.

     Finally his mind told him to slow down. He knew if he didnt soon, hed be stripping her down, and carrying her to the bedroom. He couldnt make love to her. Not right now. Shed just opened up an old wound and was vulnerable. He didnt want to take advantage, and he didnt want her to ever regret them making love. They were still taking things fairly slow, despite the fact that, comforting or not, this kiss had kicked things up a few notches. So hed have to wait.

     He slowly pulled his mouth away from hers, but he didnt let her go.

     “I should probably go, he murmured, with his forehead pressed against hers.

     He felt her nod.

     “That might be best right now.

     “I still want to have that dinner with you soon.

     “Cassius, I dont think–”

     Before she could finish, he shut her up with another kiss. This one was greedy, hard and fast. He knew he shouldnt have kissed her again so soon, but he didnt want her to think, he just wanted her to feel.

     He ended the kiss as quickly as it began, tearing his mouth away from hers.

     She was breathing heavily, chest rising and falling rapidly.

     When and what time should I pick you up?
     Tomorrow. Seven p.m.

     He grinned. Thats my girl.

     He stood and headed for the door, Ill see you tomorrow.

Title: Perfection
Released: November 28, 2014
About the book:
Cassius McAllister is preparing to open the first resort for the family's chain of hotels and he is determined to make it the best vacation spot in Jamaica, which means everything has to be perfect. While searching for a head chef for the resorts main restaurant, he gets way more than he bargained for in Jillian King. Not only is she just what he is looking for in a chef, she may be something he didn't know he was looking for in a woman....
Jillian is passionate about food and cooking. Her dream of becoming a head chef comes true when she is suggested to run Paragon at the Lillian Resort and Hotel. The location of the resort is something out of a fantasy! And so her new boss, Cassius.
Both Cassius and Jillian are focused on their careers, but eventually they find themselves not only heating things up in the kitchen, but also heating up the Jamaican nights...
Available on Amazon: (click on link below)
Author Té Russ has another McAllister Family release coming soon!

Title: Love After War
Coming soon!
Connie and Drew have been butting heads since they were teenagers.  With Connie refusing to talk about anything from their past, Drew has never figured out what made them go from friends to enemies.
Drew decides to finally get to the root of their lifelong feud when Connie ends up in Texas for a remodeling project.  When the truth comes out, it just might bring out some feelings both of them have been refusing to acknowledge for over a decade.
Available for pre-order on Amazon:
About the Author:


Growing up an introvert, Té Russ found solace in literary arts at an early age. She found reading to be a vehicle to broader horizons and writing a form of self-expression. She began writing love stories in her adolescent years as a way to expel her youthful thoughts of love into words. Since then she has gone from writing stories and thoughts of love in journals to attending college for journalism and falling in love, which has allowed those youthful words of love to blossom into a series of stories in her romance novels. Though she has an immense appreciation for the sheer smell that books collectively exert, she also has found balance to her introverted nature with adrenaline inducing activities. So if she does not have her nose pressed deeply into a book or her pen ticking through a pad, you may also find this mother of three jumping out of airplanes, cheering her husband on at the top of her lungs at MMA fights, buzzing down the interstate on the back of motorcycles, or kayaking.
To keep up with her writings and other things going on check out her pages:
Twitter: @TeRussNovels

Monday, December 1, 2014

Spotlight & Giveaway - Author Christina C. Jones

I’m honored to feature Christina C. Jones in this week’s Author Spotlight.  She has written several books and recently released a new title, I Didn't Mean To Love You, a spin-off of her book, Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Title: Didn't Mean To Love You
Genre: Romance

Vivienne is one of “those” people, the kind that believes in love at all costs. Broken hearts are a natural product of that, and Viv is used to dealing with it by simply ignoring the ache, and moving on to a new love. But this time, she can’t seem to shake the pain — until Carter comes along, handing out easy smiles and the kind of attention that makes her not feel so fractured after all.

Everybody knows Carter as this cool, confident, charismatic guy. He has a penchant for saying just the right things at just the right times, being just the kind of friend that’s needed in the midst of sorrow. But, as he and Viv embark on what was only ever intended to be a friendship, the idea of Carter as the “perfect” guy is challenged, and the real person could very well just be the next guy to break Viv’s heart.

Old hurts are unraveled, familial bonds are tested, and hearts are put on the line in this story of two people who didn’t mean to fall in love.

 (please note that this book is a spin-off of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and does contain major spoilers for that title.)


Book Links:


A Crazy Little Thank Called Love
Genre: Romance

Simone is a woman on a mission: Stop being boring, and fall in love.

That's easier said than done with no prospects on the table... or under the table... or near the table. Her luck changes when fellow neighborhood business owner Roman Taylor walks through the door of her flower shop.

Roman is single, successful, and sexy — everything Simone is looking for to embark on a
whirlwind summer romance with the potential to spark an everlasting love.

But things are never as "perfect" as they seem, and Simone — and Roman — have to decide if they're willing to risk their hearts when things get a little messy in their pursuit of a crazy little thing called love.
Book Links:

About The Author

Christina Jones is a budding author on a mission to show the beautiful — but not always pretty — journey of love in all stages, with a focus on people of color.  When she’s not immersed in writing it, Christina is an avid reader of her favorite genre, African American romance.

Her first published work was released in November 2013, and since then, she has released eight titles:

Love and Other Things
Strictly Professional
Unfinished Business
The Trouble With Love
Finding Forever
Chasing Commitment
A Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Didn’t Mean To Love You

Christina resides in Arkansas, and is a wife and mother of two little girls.
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