Monday, July 14, 2014

My work in progress - snippet

Here's another little unedited snippet from my WIP 'Teardrops Know My Name'

“I don’t know where to begin.” She gazed up into the air and blew out a breath, in an attempt to hold back a teardrop that was forming. She had always been a strong person emotionally, but now she felt as though her strength has been knocked down a few notches. She had the notion that maybe she could combat the imminent ...fear if she knew who and why.

“Honey, just take your time and start wherever you like.” Carmen placed her hand over Linda’s and squeezed it lightly.

 Linda shifted her eyes to Carmen, “Someone has been stalking me.”

Carmen gasped, spilling a few drops of coffee from the cup she held. “Oh my God! Are you sure?”

Linda nodded her head and began briefing Carmen on the events from the first day that she was aware that she was being followed bringing her up to the latest phone call that she received while at the movies.

Carmen shook her head in disbelief and lifted off the bar chair that she was sitting on and hurried out of the kitchen in search of her cell phone.

“Carmen” Linda called after her. “Where are you going?”
She heard Carmen’s voice from the other room, “We have to call the police.”

Linda pushed her chair from the counter in pursuit of Carmen attempting to try and stop her from calling the police.

Carmen was gliding her fingers over her cell phone when Linda entered the room. “Carmen, no.” Linda grabbed the phone from Carmen’s hand.

“No what?” Carmen glared at Linda. “You have a crazy person running around after you and you don’t want to call the police? What’s the matter with you? And, what about Mr. Wonderful? He didn’t encourage you to call the police on that bastard?

“Carmen, please, listen to me” Linda pleaded. “You have no idea. You don’t think that I thought of calling the police? I don’t have enough evidence to show that I’m being stalked. You’ve seen the news, the police doesn’t do anything unless there is concrete evidence.” Linda fought back tears as she continued, “I wasn’t able to get a license plate number when he or she followed me while driving my car and whenever I received a phone call, it came from a number that didn’t register on my phone, therefore, I’m left with nothing to show proof.” She waved her hand in the air.

“Did you record the phone calls?” Carmen asked pressing for more information.

“No, he or she never stay on the phone long enough.

“So, you’re supposed to wait until that looney attacks you? I’m sorry Linda, but this doesn’t make any sense to me.” Carmen sat down on her bed drawing her knees up to her chest resting her chin on her knees.

Linda sat down next to Carmen, “I know, but unfortunately, there is nothing legally that I can do about it."

 “Who would want to scare you like that? There are some real whackos out there.”

Linda shrugged, “I wish that I knew the answer to that question.”

Carmen turned to Linda, “Maybe you should get a gun to protect yourself.”

“Are you serious?” Linda mouth curled into a small smile. She thought back to when she and Carmen went to a shooting range to learn how to shoot a gun and she had the lowest score that you could get. She was firing outside of the target and no one could understand how she ended up with that many shots outside the target. She shook her head and looked at Carmen. “Did you forget about how on point my shooting is?”

“On second thought, forget that suggestion.” Carmen started to giggle.

They held each other and laughed heartily about how bad a shooter that Linda was.

Linda’s laughter transformed into tears. Carmen wrapped her arms around her and wiped away a few teardrops. She rocked Linda gently and whispered softly “It’s going to be okay chica, God is not going to let anything happen to you.”
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