Saturday, May 17, 2014

I had a fantastic week.  My book Mirrored made it to Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers List for Women Detective Fiction.  My WIP, ‘Teardrops Know My Name’ is coming right along.  Below is a little unedited snippet:

The memories were fading out of her head as her focus was drawn to her voicemail.  The first message was from Carmen reminding her where to leave the car keys so that she wouldn’t have to disturb Linda from her sleep tomorrow morning.  Next, there was a message from her mother letting her know what time that she will be arriving at LaGuardia Airport. Lastly, there was a message that was silent at first, then a muffled, hoarse voice came on, “Hope that you enjoyed the movie” and it ended with that horrid laugh again. Linda’s eyes widened and her hands begin to shake as she pressed the button to end listening to her messages.  She quickly scanned the movie theater, turning her head from left to right. She wondered if the caller was watching her as she listened to her messages.  She felt violated that whoever this crazy person is knows her every move.  She glanced at Steve with a frightened look upon her face.

            “Baby what is wrong?” Steve pulled her close to him with both hands resting at her waist.  He raised one hand and cupped her face,” You look like you just heard some horrible news. Is everything okay? Who was you listening to? Was that your mother?  Is she okay? Tell me what’s wrong?”

            Linda stared out into space for a few moments before she was able to speak. She had to admit to herself that this last phone call had really crippled her with fright. She swallowed hard before speaking, her voice began to shake as did her body, “it was my stalker” she said in a low trembling voice a few decibels above a library whisper.


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